Double cortex syndrome is an uncommon familial syndrome with X-linked dominant inheritance and most commonly presents with developmental delay and seizures. We present a case of a 14-year-old girl who came to neurology department of the hospital with severe generalized tonic-clonic fits and loss of consciousness. The mother of child gave history of uneventful antenatal period and labor. There was history of immediate cry and normal APGAR score. She was achieving milestones normally until at the age of 3 years when she suffered decline in her speech and vision. She had problems with learning with lack of concentration during her schooling. Physical examination was also unremarkable. Her lab values including complete blood count, serum calcium, and arterial blood gas tests, all were within normal limits. Electroencephalogram showed significant changes suggestive of epilepsy. Magnetic resonance imaging of brain showed continuous band of gray matter that was located deep and paralleling the cortex in both cerebral hemispheres suggestive of band heterotopia or double cortex syndrome. She was discharged and prescribed antiepileptics; and was advised regular outpatient follow-up.
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