As the importance of organoids increases, the need to develop organoid culture systems suitable for basic biological and clinical applications is being emphasized. However, there is still an unmet need to produce functionally complex and scalable uniform organoids. Here, we demonstrate a scalable organoid production platform with 8 well strips and a total of 8 × 9 microwells per strip using organoids derived from colorectal cancer tissue. The new culture platform is a format in which single cells are self-organized into organoids in culture medium supplemented with 2% Matrigel. It is functionally compatible with existing 96 well plates and Matrigel based conventional organoid culture methods. The consistency, uniformity and reproducibility of organoid produced on the new platform have been significantly improved compared to those of conventional plates. Importantly, Hydro-organoids are functionally identical to conventional Matrigel organoids, but show better consistency in drug screening. Our results show the possibility that Hydro-organoids can be used in high-throughput assays and incorporated into drug screening models to predict clinical outcomes.
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