To investigate the effect of different levels of bioplex manganese along with probiotics and multi-enzymes on the performance and immune system of broilers, 640 one-day-old male chicks of the Ross 308 strain were reared and the data analysed in a 4 × 2 × 2 factorial experiment with four levels of bioplex manganese (0, 60, 72 and 84 mg per kg of diet), two levels of Parsilact probiotic (0 and 200 mg per kg of diet) and two levels of Combo multi-enzyme (0 and 1,000 mg per kg of diet) in a completely randomized design with 16 experimental treatments, 4 replicates and 10 chickens per replicate during a period of 42 days. The results showed that the performance of the broiler chickens in the diets containing 72 and 84 mg bioplex manganese along with probiotics and multi-enzymes had the greatest difference compared to the control (p < .05). Compared to the control with 0 mg/kg manganese; the bursa of Fabricius weight was greater in chickens fed diets containing additional manganese (p < .05). The concentration of antibodies produced against Newcastle disease virus, as well as the concentrations of IgG, IgM and total immunoglobulins produced against SRBC, were highest in the group fed a diet containing 84 mg manganese along with probiotics and multi-enzymes (p < .05). The results show combining additional manganese with probiotics and multi-enzymes in chicken diets leads to better performance as well as a stronger immune system of chickens.
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