Approximately 1.3 billion people worldwide have vision impairment. The aim of the present study was to investigate the influence of Late-Onset blindness on cervical vestibular evoked myogenic potentials (cVEMP) responses. Accordingly, this study was performed to investigate and compare the parameters of the cVEMP test in sighted and late-onset blind individuals.
In this cross-sectional- comparative study, cVEMP was recorded by presenting a tone burst stimulus of 500 Hz with an intensity of 95 dBnHL in 20 sighted and 20 late-onset blind individuals aged between 18 and 30 years old.
cVEMP was observed in all the individuals (100%). The average latency of P and N, amplitude, amplitude ratio, and VEMP threshold did not differ significantly between the two groups (p > 0.05).
The findings of the study revealed that the formation of the neural pathway and reflex arch of cVEMP is similar between late-onset blind and sighted individuals. Thus, cVEMP can be a suitable test for assessing the vestibular function of late-onset blind people.

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