There is a little available information about the fatigue status among people receiving modified constraint induced movement therapy. The study examined such changes. The effect of using restraint on motor performance was also evaluated in sub acute phase after stroke.
The study was designed as two group pretest and post-test study. The experimental design included a pretest and post test measures of dependent variables fatigue and motor function. All patients were recruited from the Safdurjung Hospital. 20 patients in subacute phase of stroke (3-9 months), (N = 10) mean age±SD 51.90±15.27, MAS score mean ± SD 1.90±.316 and post stroke duration mean ±SD 6.45±2.26 were included in the experimental group and (N = 10) mean age ± SD 54.10±17.42, MAS score mean ±SD 1.52±0.52 and post stroke duration mean±SD score 4.55± 2.52 were included in the control group. The subjects in the experimental group were restrained for six hours every week day with task training for 2 h per day five times a week for three weeks and the subjects in the controlled group received task training for 2 h per day five times a week for three weeks with no restrain. Motor Performance and fatigue were measured on day to day basis by Wolf Motor Function Test Scores (WMFT) and 11th item of Barrow Neurological Institute (BNI) scale in both experimental and controlled group.
The restraint group exhibited significant better motor performance than the controlled group. Mean difference between Pre- WMFT scores and Post WMFT scores were (0.533±.362) as compared to controlled group (0.192±.23). No significant statistical difference was observed in the difference of mean Pre- BNI and Post – BNI scores in either of the two groups (p = .57). Difference between the experimental and controlled group in motor performance and fatigue scores were nonsignificant.
Restraint improves motor performance in subacute therapy group and the intensive practice associated with m-CIMT may be administered without the exacerbation of fatigue.

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