Carotid endarterectomy has traditionally been the strategy for the surgical management of carotid stenosis. Alongside the usual techniques, this study presents another technique: endarterectomy with systematized resection-anastomosis.
A retrospective study from January 2006 to December 2018, included all patients managed for carotid stenosis at Meaux hospital with the “endarterectomy with systematized resection-anastomosis” technique. The perioperative death and stroke rate were evaluated according to the judgment criterion “homolateral ischemic stroke and any stroke or perioperative death”. Statistical analysis of the data was performed using SPSS software.
For 415 carotids operated, we identified 240 managed with this technique. The average age was 71.7±9.6 years, 70% men and 30% women. The main cardiovascular risk factor was hypertension (76.7%), 24.2% of patients had an ischemic heart disease history, 43.7% homolateral ischemic stroke and 29% transient ischemic attack. Bilateral lesions were diagnosed in 6.2% of patients and 7.5% had contralateral occlusion. Carotid stenosis was symptomatic in 52.9% of patients. The average stenosis rate observed was 82.9±8.1% on computed tomography angiogram and 83.7±7.7% on magnetic resonance angiogram. The shunt was used in 45.4% of procedures. The average length of stay was 5.9±2.3 days. All patients had satisfactory results in terms of patency and anatomical appearance on the 1st check. In the post-operative period during the first month, complications occurred in 12.5% of patients (1.6% acute coronary syndrome, 0.8% neurological event, 0.8% death, 0.4% infection, 12.1% hematoma, 1.6% recovery for bleeding). The overall perioperative death and stroke rate was 2.6%. Myocardial infarction and sepsis were the causes of death for the 2 patients in the peri operative period. The mean duration of follow-up was 21.2 months, without any restenosis or occurrence of neurological complications. One patient died beyond the 1st month of follow-up without established cause, and the overall mortality rate was 1.3%.
Thromboendarterectomy with “systematized” anastomosis resection represents an angioplasty method for carotid stenosis surgical management under visual control.

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