The 2019 EuGMS Congress “Evidence-Based Medicine in Geriatrics” was held in Krakow, Poland, and attended by over 1600 participants from 64 different countries. A summary and reflection on the congress was presented in the Closing Ceremony by European Academy for Medicine of Aging graduates, and summarised in this article. Keynote lectures, ‘state of the art’ sessions and symposia presented the evidence relating to different age-related conditions, their prevention, management and treatments. Hot topic areas included frailty and multimorbidity, and evidence-based attempts to address these conditions at different life stages. The field of geriatrics represents unique challenges for evidence-based medicine practice. There is much research going on. Clear leadership is needed to facilitate consensus agreements on standard definitions, methods and relevant outcomes, in collaboration with older people themselves, to maximise the opportunities and benefits of doing this research, and benefiting our patients and society at large.