The present study aimed to investigate the effect of Moringa oleifera leaves (MOL) on blood hematology, lipid profile and immunity status of growing rabbits.
A total of 120, unsexed Alexandria line weaned rabbits, at 4 weeks of age were randomly divided into four groups (30 rabbits each). The first group was fed the control diet and the other groups (2-4) were fed the basal diet supplemented with 10, 20 or 30% MOL for 5 weeks of experimental period.
Data revealed that dietary supplementation with 20% MOL recorded the significantly highest live body weight and increased hemoglobin and packed cell volume at 9 weeks of age compared to other groups. Increasing Moringa levels resulted in a significant increase in white blood cells, lymphocytes, globulin and high density lipoprotein, total antioxidant capacity, Immunoglobulin G and M levels compared to control, but, total lipids, cholesterol, malondialdehyde and liver glycogen values decreased significantly. With 20% MOL thymus histology showed an outer cortex of small lymphocytes, heavily- stained densely- packed lymphocytes surrounding the inner marrow clear pale medulla in contrast with other groups.
It can be concluded that 20% Moringa leaves may exert beneficial effects on lipid, antioxidant and immune status properties of growing rabbits.