This study describes the evaluation of microbeaded oral vaccine delivery for Newcastle Disease (ND) in village chicken. Microbeads containing vaccine were prepared by ionotropic-gelation technique using aluminum sulfate. Lasota Vaccine strain (2 g) was well mixed with gum extract at ratio 1:1. The wet beads were washed twice with distilled water and dried at 37℃ overnight. Microbeads without vaccine were prepared as control. A tablet dissolution machine was used to evaluate peak adhesion time (PAT). Sixty local chickens sourced from a recognized breeder were separated into four groups for in in-vivo evaluation. Group A was administered with the bead-loaded vaccine mixed with their feed, group B had vaccine alone administered in their drinking water, group C had the bead alone mixed with their feed, and group D, which served as negative control received no vaccination against ND nor gum beads. The PAT on both trachea and jejunum was 4 ± 10 hours. Post-vaccination antibody titer revealed higher response in group B than (6.6) in group A (5.3); the micro-beaded vaccine gave delayed but enhanced and prolonged immune response. This noninvasive and easy to administer method may be useful in the prevention of ND outbreaks in backyard poultry production.