Many aspects of life have been changed, after the starting of the pandemic. Modifications and improvisation in our day-to-day activities is now a new norm. During the pandemic period, continuation academic activities and conductance of examination is difficult but essential. We are sharing our experience of conductance of MCh examination during the pandemic and preparations made. This article also discussed the future of surgical assessment examination, use of technology in surgical assessment changing times. Procedural flow of the examination, Logistics and arrangements were planned and checked. Reliability and validity of questions were maintained by providing a similar set of questions and stepwise objective assessment. Assessment and feedback by the examinees and examiners on the pattern and conductance of examination were assessed by a Likert scale. We found, 73% agreed examination patterns were able to test the knowledge fairly. While 80 % believed the pattern was the same for all the candidates. All the stakeholders agreed the examination conducted in a Safe and stress-free atmosphere and use of technology helpful. Fifty- three % agreed the case scenarios correctly simulate the clinical presentations. Lastly, 66 % felt the examination process is adequate for summative assessment. It is vital to reflect regarding the need for a uniform module to handle changing scenarios keeping the integrity and quality of the examination. Interactive screen, mannequin, and 3D model will be useful in the examination. In future, standardized examination modules for the surgical trainees will be required to perform a comprehensive assessment.
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