The purpose was to determine the relationship between frailty, fear of falling, and depression with falls risk in vulnerable community-dwelling older adults.
A cross-sectional correlational design and chart review were completed. Nursing home eligible older adults ≥55 who live in the community were surveyed on frailty, fear of falling, depression, and the risk for falls. Pearson’s correlation, multiple regression and hierarchical regression were used to analyze the data.
Increased frailty, fear of falling, and depression were significantly associated with an increased risk for falls. Frailty and fear of falling were significant predictors of the risk for falls while depression did not contribute to the regression model. When controlling for sociodemographics, frailty, fear of falling, and incontinence were significant predictors for the risk for falls.
The results of this study will assist in assessment and interventions to decrease the risk for falls in high risk older adults.

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