As the population admitted under cardiology is likely to become frailer, a geriatrician-led model of post-procedural care similar to that used in orthopaedic surgery may be beneficial.
In 2016, a new geriatrician-led ward was created in Hammersmith Hospital where frail cardiology patients could be transferred post-treatment. Using diagnostic coding, patients over the age of 65 years between 01 April and the 31 August for both 2016 and 2019 were identified, and data collected retrospectively from electronic patient records. An anonymised staff survey was completed following the introduction of the new service.
Patients discharged from the geriatrician-led ward had fewer re-admissions than both cardiology-led wards in 2019 (chi-squared 5.46; p=0.02), and overall re-admissions in 2016 (chi-squared 4.34; p=0.037). The majority of surveyed respondents felt that this level of geriatrician input was useful.
Geriatrician-led post-procedural care in cardiology reduced 30-day re-admissions in an elderly cohort.

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