Demographic changes in the developed world have resulted in population aging. Although Israel has a relatively young population, the older population is aging at a rapid rate. This has placed significant strains on health services in the community, in acute care, rehabilitation and long-term care. Geriatric medicine stands at the forefront of providing high quality care to the older population. The recognition of the importance of the “Geriatric Giants”, which include immobility, instability (falls), incontinence, intellectual impairment (dementia and delirium), and iatrogenesis (including polypharmacy), has resulted in the development of improved diagnosis, prevention and treatment of these syndromes. The knowledge and understanding of aging and age-related diseases, and the development of a multidisciplinary function-based approach to assessment and treatment, have resulted in geriatricians playing a central role in the health care of older people. The current issue of Harefuah presents an overview of topics and studies of interest to Israeli researchers.