Squamous cell carcinoma is the most common head & neck malignancy, and its first descriptions date from the pharaonic era. It has impacted humanity by affecting labor, scientific and cultural productivity and, sometimes, it has influenced the course of history. Head & neck cancer is more common in economically impoverished countries and individuals; however, it can affect any socioeconomic stratum; it has been suffered by known, famous, economically powerful celebrities, intellectuals and artists. Head & neck cancer treatment has been controversial since its initial description up to the present day. Therapeutic decisions have been influenced not only by the stage but by the patient’s environment and, sometimes, in an effort to reduce the morbidity resulting from the various oncological treatments, erroneous decisions have been made that have implied the loss of the patient’s life. Unfortunately, currently we continue to see these behaviors. A synthesis of cases of renowned celebrities that suffered from this cancer is presented, and the impact this implied in the society of their times is described.
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