Endometriosis is known for its substantial effect on women’s wellbeing and quality of life. In order to evaluate disease burden, treatments and health services, assessments of healthcare consumption and cost estimates are necessary.
The aim of this study was to estimate healthcare consumption and annual cost per woman with endometriosis in Sweden and to examine healthcare consumption and costs in different age groups.
A questionnaire was distributed to 400 members of the Endometriosis Association and to 400 randomly selected women with surgically confirmed endometriosis. Official statistics were obtained via correspondence, publications, and database searches.
Analysis of the 431 returned questionnaires showed that women under 30 years utilized more inpatient and outpatient care than older women. The mean annual cost among all women was EUR 8,768/woman. The direct healthcare cost of managing the disease was EUR 4,282, while the indirect cost was EUR 4,486. Absence from work was reported by 32% of the women, while 36% reported reduced time at work because of endometriosis.
Our results confirm the substantial negative effect of endometriosis upon women’s lives and their relatively high healthcare consumption.

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