The objective of this study is to analyse the beginning of the COVID‐19 pandemic, there has been a resurgence of interest in telemedicine, with requires a move to virtual appraisal. Likewise, research in advanced developments and their possible applications in various clinical settings have assembled pace. It is habitually assumed that patients with constant illnesses won’t turn up for their ordinary outpatient visits during the current pandemic, and telemedicine is an acknowledged default decision. In any case, there are restricted information on the pervasiveness and purposes behind outpatient participation of patients during the COVID‐19 lockdown. A superior comprehension of the conditions of their visits will encourage improvement of a more exhaustive virtual evaluation device to address patients’ issues. Among February and May 2020, an aggregate of 550 development problems (MD) patients were reached through phone to delay their arrangements in view of the advancing COVID‐19 circumstance. Hence while concluding There were choices given as either face‐to‐face discussions or virtual appraisals sometime in the future.

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