Promotion of high-quality care at a lower cost requires educational initiatives across the continuum of medical education. A needs assessment was performed to inform the design of an educational tool with the goal of teaching laboratory stewardship to medical students.
The needs assessment consisted of semistructured interviews with core clerkship directors and residency program directors at our institution, a national survey to the Undergraduate Medical Educators Section (UMEDS) of the Association of Pathology Chairs, and a review of existing online resources that teach high-value care.
Two major themes emerged regarding opportunities to enhance laboratory stewardship education: appropriate ordering (knowledge of test indications, pretest/posttest probability, appropriateness criteria, recognition of unnecessary testing) and correct interpretation (understanding test specifications, factors that affect the test result, recognizing inaccurate results).
The online educational tool will focus on the curricular needs identified, using a multidisciplinary approach for development and implementation.

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