To elucidate clinicopathologic and molecular characteristics of IDH1 and IDH2 (IDH1/2) mutations in colorectal cancers (CRCs).
We evaluated IDH1/2 mutations in 1,623 CRCs using a next-generation sequencing assay.
IDH1/2 mutations, predominantly IDH1 p.R132C, were detected in 15 (0.9%) CRCs and in 5 (3.0%) of 167 BRAF p.V600E-mutated CRCs. Three IDH1/2-mutated CRCs were associated with inflammatory bowel disease. They were significantly associated with old age, mucinous or signet ring cell adenocarcinoma, and high-grade histomorphology. Concordance of variant allele frequency between IDH1/2 mutants and other trunk drivers in CRCs and presence of IDH1/2 mutation in the adenoma and early adenocarcinoma indicated IDH1/2 mutations could be trunk drivers suitable for targeted therapy.
IDH1/2 mutations in CRCs were uncommon but enriched in BRAF p.V600E-mutated CRCs and perhaps colitis-associated CRCs. Further studies on IDH1/2-mutated CRCs are needed to clarify their clinicopathologic features and implications for targeted therapy.

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