Mud pack or compress is an easily accessible, cost-effective, efficient treatment modality used in naturopathy to manage and prevent various chronic illnesses. This study sought to elucidate the effectiveness of cold spinal mud packs on improving neuro-cardiac parameters among hypertensive individuals.
A total of 100 hypertensive subjects aged 30-50 years were randomly allocated into two groups: Cold spinal mud pack (CSMP) and prone rest. Blood Pressure (BP) and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) were assessed at three-time points: Baseline, After 20 min (T1), After 60 min (T2). This single-blinded randomized controlled trial was registered in the Clinical Trials Registry-India (CTRI/2019/12/022492).
After 20 min of CSMP showed a statistically significant reduction (p<0.01) in mean values of Systolic BP, Diastolic BP, and in HRV attained statistically significant change (p<0.01) in mean score in the frequency domain except for Very low-frequency power (VLF) and a significant difference found in the mean score of time-domain values (p<0.01) when compared to control group and 95% confidence interval (CI) will be provided for each effect.
CSMP reduces the sympathetic tone and shifts the sympathovagal balance in favor of parasympathetic dominance, contributing to a decrease in BP and effective changes in components of HRV.

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