The study investigated the immediate effect of a moderate interval-running training session on circulating inflammatory cytokines concentration at real conditions of training. Nine recreational runners (5 women and 4 men; 68,33 ± 10,20 kg; 1,65 ± 0,07 m; 28,67 ± 4,24 years) had blood samples collected from antecubital vein before and immediately after a moderate interval-running training session without fasting. Cytokine levels were obtained from blood samples through Multiplex Analysis of Sample Protein Content, performed by Magpix® instrument. The assay detected the cytokines and calculated the plasma cytokine concentrations. Reduced concentration was observed after training session for all cytokines (p < 0.05), except for IP-10. Moderate effect sizes were identified in IL-6, IL-8, TNF-α, IP-10, MCP1 and GM-CSF. In summary, a single moderate interval-running training session at real conditions of training seems not to be stressing enough to increase cytokine levels as a response to the exercise. Results reinforce that immediate biochemical response and inflammatory modulation related to exercise is dose-dependent and may be influenced by other variables.
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