This work evaluates the effects of biochar supported nano zero-valent iron (nZVI-BC) on anaerobic co-digestion (co-AD) of sewage sludge and food waste. Kinetic model analysis suggested that nZVI-BC addition significantly increased the methane production potential (R) and daily methane production rate (G) by 42.87% and 49.87%, while the raw biochar only increased R and G by 5.11% and 6.73%, respectively. Supplementation of higher concentrations of nZVI-BC was not preferable as inhibition of methane productivity was appeared. nZVI-BC addition remarkably improved organics degradation efficiency, as the reduction rate of TCOD, VSS and TSS were increased by 34.93%, 11.44% and 13.96%, respectively. The microbial analysis demonstrated that nZVI-BC facilitated the growth of hydrogentrophic methanogens, while acetotrophic methanogens which can only use acetate as electron donor were restrained. The study demonstrated nZVI-BC can effectively strengthen methanogenesis mainly through the enhancement of DIET between bacteria and methanogens, and the enrichment of hydrogenotrophic methanogens.
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