To summarize the whole process management measures for caregivers of inpatients in a non-new coronavirus pneumonia designated hospital in China during the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic. The implementation of these measures is mainly to prevent the virus pandemic caused by crowd gathering.
A quasi-experimental study.
Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control measures were implemented in the ‘pre-hospital link, hospitalization link and discharge link’ for the whole process of the hospitalized patients’ caregivers. To evaluate the effects by time point inspection, the results were fed back using information technology for quality improvement.
The results of three time point inspections indicated that the management quality of many projects improved continuously (p < 0.05). From January to June of 2021, 20 departments implemented a facial recognition information management system. The ratio of patients/caregivers admitted was 1:0.528~1:0.965; It was found that it is effective to implement the whole process management measures. The facial recognition system plays a key role in the comprehensive management of the caregivers.

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