Five different Hepatitis virus from different viral species cause viral-hepatitis, which is a life threatening disease leading to a high number of loss of lives every year. The mosde of infection and transmission is different for each species and mostly spreads by direct contact and body fluids (for HBV and HCV). No such vaccine is available that can cure all types of Hepatitis with cross-protection. Thus our study involves a peptide based vaccine design with the help of Immunoinformatics approach. We focused only on the secretory and extracellular proteins of each types and identified their epitopes. Epitopes were examined for antigenicity, allergenicity, toxicity, anti-inflammatory property and IFN-γ induction. The short-listed peptides were stitched using linkers and TLR4 adjuvant. This final epitope was proven to have good physico-chemical and structural properties. Simulation study to determine structural stability of the vaccine showed good result. Docking structure of vaccine with TLR4 has high affinity binding. Immune-simulation reveals favourable induction of immune response with high level of interleukins production important for immunity. Periplasmic expression in E.coli K12 strain was quite satisfactory. This study of designing recombinant chimeric vaccine using reverse vaccinology method provides some idea about the vaccine production against Hepatitis virus.
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