Group treatments designed specifically for pregnant and parenting women with substance use disorders are lacking. This study provides a preliminary assessment of the Art of Addiction Recovery Program, a manualized group treatment imbedded within a comprehensive substance use disorder treatment program for pregnant and parenting women.
The Program consists of 14 sessions, each focusing on a different topic, including health, social relationships, the recovery process, well-being, and introspection. Each session includes both the presentation of information by a facilitator, group discussions guided by the facilitator, and a creative project. A single-group pretest-posttest design provides an initial evaluation of the Art of Addiction Recovery Program.
Participants were 51 women with an average age of 28.7 (SD = 5.0) with most (69%) having a primary opioid use disorder and 82% reporting tobacco use. Significant (ps < 0.001) pre- to post-session increases in session-specific knowledge occurred for all 14 sessions with a measure of multivariate association indicating that these changes were substantial. Ratings of learning and effectiveness were generally high, with 19/28 means at 3.7 or above (maximum score = 4).
Findings suggest that The Art of Addiction Recovery Program was effective in conveying knowledge about substance use and recovery, and that participants increased their knowledge and generally strongly agreed that the sessions provided high levels of learning and were highly effective. The Art of Addiction Recovery Program provides an option for those seeking a manual-based group treatment program as an aid in the treatment process for this subpopulation.

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