Few obstetric-specific guidelines detail the indications for screening echocardiography in pregnancy. The objective of the study is to examine the association of common indications for maternal echocardiography with the likelihood of abnormality identification, pregnancy management alteration, and conformity with current American College of Cardiology Foundation (ACCF) guidelines.
 This retrospective cohort analysis categorized all echocardiograms performed within pregnancy and the first month postpartum within a tertiary health system to correlate indications with abnormal findings.
 Data from 226 echocardiograms were analyzed from 205 women. The most common indication for initial echocardiography was cardiac symptoms (34.6%). History of cardiac disease was the only indication demonstrating a significant association with an abnormal finding on initial echocardiography (odds ratio [OR]: 2.6;  = 0.006). Postpartum status (OR: 4.9;  < 0.001), multiparity ( < 0.001), and tobacco use (OR: 2.2;  = 0.011) were demographic characteristics associated with the identification of abnormal findings on initial echocardiography. Abnormal echocardiographic findings were associated with changes in clinical management but did not correlate with adverse obstetric or neonatal outcomes, which may support the impact of a multidisciplinary programmatic approach. ACCF appropriateness criteria correlated well with identification of abnormal echocardiographic results ( = 0.034).
 Although the presence of cardiac symptoms or history of diabetes failed to demonstrate association with abnormal echocardiographic findings, a history of prior cardiac disease, tobacco use, multiparity, and postpartum status were factors associated with identification of abnormal findings on initial maternal echocardiography. The ACCF appropriateness criteria for obtaining echocardiography can be applied to pregnant women with consideration for these additional risk factors.
· The ACCF criteria are applicable in pregnancy for appropriateness of echocardiography indications.. · Several clinical factors often prompt performance of echocardiography in pregnancy without merit.. · Consideration for multiparty, tobacco abuse, and postpartum state should coincide with ACCF criteria..

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