Lipoabdominoplasty (LABP) is a frequently performed surgical procedure in the field of plastic surgery that often requires physical therapy in order to minimize postoperative complications, augment the postoperative outcomes, and enhance recovery. Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy (IPCT) is a physical therapy modality that may be used in the management of LABP population. This study aimed to assess the influences of intermittent pneumatic compression therapy on the resolution of edema and improvement in postoperative patient satisfaction following LABP.
Forty-three females, aged 35-55 years, who underwent LABP, were involved in this prospective randomized study. They were divided into two groups: group A wherein 22 patients wore a compression garment (CG) for 24 h, through 4 weeks; group B wherein 21 patients wore CG besides the application of IPCT for 45 min, 3 times a week, for 4 weeks. The abdominal circumferences were measured at three positions: 3 cm above the umbilicus, at the umbilicus, and 3 cm below the umbilicus. Additionally, patient satisfaction rate was assessed by visual analog scale (VAS; in mm). All patients were assessed three times (Initial Assessment, During Assessment, and Final Assessment).
With reference to the abdominal circumferences at three levels and VAS satisfactory scores, there were statistically significant differences between both groups in Final Assessment (p < .04) in favor of group B.
Application of IPCT while wearing CG was superior as compared to CG alone in reducing the abdominal edema and improving postoperative patient satisfaction following LABP.
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