CREB family (CREB1, ATF1, and CREM) gene fusions are defining markers in diverse mesenchymal neoplasms (clear cell sarcoma, angiomatoid fibrous histiocytoma, and others). However, neoplasms harboring EWSR1-CREM/FUS-CREM fusions are rare and poorly characterized. We describe two cases (55-year-old male with 7.5 cm renal mass and 32-year-old female with 5.5 cm mesenteric mass) illustrating their misleading immunophenotypes. Histologically, both showed eosinophilic and focally clear epithelioid cells arranged into sheets, nests, and trabeculae. Immunohistochemistry showed ALK, EMA, and AE1/AE3 immunoreactivity suggesting ALK-rearranged renal cell carcinoma (Case 1) and coexpression of keratin, EMA, synaptophysin, and chromogranin-A, suggesting neuroendocrine neoplasm (Case 2). Targeted RNA sequencing revealed EWSR1-CREM (Case 1) and FUS-CREM (Case 2) fusions. These cases add to the spectrum of CREM fusion-positive intra-abdominal epithelioid neoplasms. Their unusual immunophenotype and unexpected sites represent major pitfalls, underline a wide differential diagnosis, and emphasize the value of molecular testing in correctly diagnosing them.