Lobular capillary hemangiomas (LCH) are acquired benign vascular lesions of the skin and mucous membranes mostly affecting the head and neck region. Involvement of the nasal cavity is extremely rare and can manifest as epistaxis and nasal obstruction.
In this case series, we present five cases of intranasal LCH. Three cases are of pregnant women that presented with epistaxis and nasal obstruction. The first was surgically treated during her pregnancy with preoperative embolization of the tumor for vascular control, while the other two patients were treated after delivery. The two other cases are of a post trauma pediatric patient, and an elderly lady with multiple co-morbidities, both presenting with recurrent nose bleeds and nasal obstruction. Surgical excision was performed with no complications observed post-operatively.
The etiology of LCH is unknown, but certain predisposing factors have been associated with the development of LCH and include pregnancy and trauma. The anterior portion of the nasal septal mucosa and the tip of the inferior turbinate are commonly involved sites. Computed tomography scans and histopathology are used to diagnose LCH. Treatment is surgical excision with or without pre-operative embolization.
LCH are rare tumors of the nasal cavity. Treatment of these lesions is surgical with or without preoperative vascular control.

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