Macular hole (MH) can be a significant complication in patients with high myopia. The recently reported inverted internal limiting membrane (ILM) flap technique is a promising alternative to treat myopic MHs. We performed a meta-analysis of the published anatomical and functional results of the “inverted ILM flap” technique for the treatment of myopic MH with or without retinal detachment (RD). Our results showed that the inverted ILM flap technique, either covering or insertion, is an effective method for treating myopic MH with or without RD and provides high MH closure ranging from 91.8% to 97.1%. Despite the high MH closure rate, the pooled visual acuity improvement rate was 77.3% and 66.2% in patients with myopic MH without RD, while it was 95% and 80.3% in patients with myopic MHRD, using “covering” and “insertion” ILM flap technique, respectively. Potential complications included reopening or persistence of MH, development of RD, choroidal detachment, ocular hypertension, and chorioretinal atrophy. No methodological heterogeneity was observed among the studies.
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