Women at risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) may be missed with current eligibility criteria for CVD risk screening, particularly those from ethnic minority groups, among whom high risk is prevalent at a younger age. Early menopause (EM; menopause before 45 years) is associated with increased risk of CVD, and may be a potential eligibility criterion for CVD risk screening.
To determine the contribution of EM to current criteria from patient history (having a family history of CVD, current smoking, obesity and age over 50 years) for identifying women eligible for CVD risk screening in a multi-ethnic population.
We used baseline data (2011-2015) from 4512 women aged 45-70 years of Dutch, South-Asian Surinamese, African Surinamese, Ghanaian, Turkish and Moroccan ethnic origin from the HELIUS study (Amsterdam, Netherlands). Models based on current eligibility criteria with and without EM were compared on area under the curve (AUC) with regard to estimated 10-year CVD risk using the Dutch SCORE. Overall, models with EM had a higher AUC, but changes were not statistically significant. In our total sample of women aged between 45 and 70 years, the AUC changed from 0.70 (95%CI 0.69-0.72) to 0.71 (95%CI 0.69-0.72). Among women aged 45-50 years the AUC changed from 0.66 (95%CI 0.58-0.74) to 0.68 (95%CI 0.59-0.74). Results were consistent across ethnic groups.
The addition of EM to current eligibility criteria did not improve the detection of women at high CVD risk in a multi-ethnic sample of women aged 45-70 years.

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