To explore the status quo and the influencing factors of residents’ knowledge, attitude and practice in the prevention and control of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), as well as the difficulties or challenges perceived by residents in their preventive practice.
An online questionnaire survey.
The self-designed questionnaire was distributed among residents online in February 2020. Descriptive statistics, two independent samples t-tests, one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA), Pearson’s correlation analysis, multivariate linear regression and content analysis were performed.
A total of 919 valid questionnaires were collected. The scoring rates of residents’ knowledge, attitude and practice were 85.2%, 92.9% and 84.4%, respectively. Main factors influencing residents’ knowledge included gender and occupation; while those influencing attitude were occupation, family economic level and knowledge; and those influencing practice included place of residence, occupation, with or without chronic disease, knowledge and attitude. Mass media was the primary approach for people to learn the knowledge and information of COVID-19. Difficulties or challenges faced were mainly lack of protective equipments, concerns about the risk of prevention and control, impact on daily life, work and study, lack of knowledge and consensus, psychological problems and information problems.
The attitude of residents towards COVID-19 prevention and control is generally positive. The knowledge and practice have been popularized to a certain extent, but there are still deviations or deficiencies in residents’ understanding of certain important knowledge and the adoption of relevant preventive measures. Evidence-based tailored public education initiatives are indicated.
Findings of this study add important knowledge about residents’ understanding, attitude, practice and the influencing factors on COVID-19 prevention and control, which serves as a scientific foundation for optimizing the pandemic public education and decision-making.

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