In 2009, Hohenberger translated the concept of total mesorectal excision to colon cancer surgery and he named it complete mesocolic excision (CME). The principle of CME is based on wide mesenteric excision in the embriologic plane to remove mesenteric lymph nodes, central vascular ligation without damage of the peritoneal layer. CME can be performed by laparoscopic and open methods. To make sure that we are capable of performing right laparoscopic hemicolectomy with similar results to the open method. A cohort of 156 consecutive patients were operated on with malignant right-sided colon tumours from 01.09.2016 to 30.06.2019. 143 curative resections were performed in 63 men and 80 women. The average age of men and women were 71.5 and 72.75 years, respectively. 84 laparoscopic and 59 open operations were performed. 84 patients underwent CME surgery and 56 conventional resections. The average length of the specimen was 22.34 cm in the conventional and 24.97 cm in CME surgery ( = 0.18) and the average lymph node number were 15.4 and 16.9, respectively ( = 0.24). The average duration of the operation was 111 minutes for the conventional and 136 minutes for the CME group ( = 0.0014), while the average length of stay were 7.47 days and 5.65 days ( = 0.0004) respectively for the cases without complications. We are yet in the learning period, but based on the early results, it might be concluded that the operation can be performed by laparoscopic methods as well with similar results to the open operation but with shorter length of stay.