Application of laparoscopic surgery(Lap)for colorectal cancer has expanded, and laparoscopic total pelvic exenteration (TPE)of locally advanced rectal cancer(LARC)invading the urogenital organs has been introduced in some institutions. In our institute, we have performed Lap TPE and posterior-TPE(PPE)in a total of 6 LARC patients so far. Here, we report the surgical technique of Lap TPE, and the associated surgical and short-term outcomes. We performed Lap TPE and Lap PPE in 3 patients each. Operation time was approximately 562 min, and the blood loss was 310 mL on an average. No patient developed postoperative complications above Clavien-Dindo Grade Ⅲ. One patient exhibited recurrence in the liver and another in peritoneum in the Lap PPE group. No recurrence was observed in the Lap TPE group(median follow-up period: 24.5 months). Although Lap TPE and PPE are difficult to perform and time consuming, it is suggested that these procedures may help reduce the intraoperative bleeding volume and shorten the length of postoperative hospital stay compared to open TPE and PPE.