In ophthalmology, injuries due to lightning strikes have been documented as various entities ranging from keratitis, cataracts, uveitis in the anterior segments to retinal detachments, papillitis, and macular hole formation in the posterior segment. We report the largest case series so far with a total of seven cases of lightning injuries with ocular involvement and its management and a brief review of the literature on this topic.
All of the patients were evaluated for ocular injuries due to a lightning strike and each of the cases has been individually described as case series with their findings and management in this report.
Ocular injuries caused by lightning are very rare, but when they occur, they can present with various ocular tissue pathology-ranging from anterior to the posterior segment structures. Most of the cases presented with maculopathy and foveschitic lesions, which resolved over time with the use of steroids.
Lightning injuries to the eyes, if detected early and managed appropriately, have a very good prognosis. The recovery is usually good with minimal functional loss if there is a quick referral. The macular region seems to be particularly involved in most cases and OCT can be a valuable diagnostic tool to detect and monitor the pathology.

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