A new mood rating scale for mixed states of depression along with manic-like excitatory symptoms, the Koukopoulos Mixed Depression Rating Scale (KMDRS), was assessed in a post hoc analysis of a randomized clinical trial of lurasidone versus placebo in major depressive disorder (MDD) with mixed features.
The KMDRS was compared with the Montgomery Asberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) and the Young Mania Rating Scale (YMRS). Item weighting was performed and compared with an original KMDRS validation data set. Weighting was used to provide imputed KMDRS scores in the lurasidone study, based on observed MADRS and YMRS scores.
Standardized effect sizes were larger for MADRS (0.61) and YMRS (0.79) than for KMDRS (0.44, Cohen d).
This analysis did not find that the KMDRS produced a larger effect size than the MADRS in Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorder-5 (DSM-5) defined MDD with mixed features. The lower utility of KMDRS may be due to the imputed nature of this analysis, or also to the DSM-5 defined patient population, which may reflect mixed hypomania rather than mixed depression.