Daily walking activities are associated with improving cardiovascular outcomes in older kidney transplant recipients. However, little is known regarding physical activity adherence outcomes in older kidney recipients. The purpose of this randomized controlled trial 12-month follow-up study was to evaluate the feasibility of the intervention (SystemCHANGE™ + activity tracker) during the maintenance period (7-12 months), compared to an attention-control group (activity tracker only) in older kidney recipients (age 60 and older). The sample included 60 participants (n = 30 IG; n = 30 ACG). Adherence rates for wearing the activity tracker daily were 96.5% in the IG and 80.8% in the ACG. The IG demonstrated within-group improvements for blood pressure at 12 months. Overall, there was a decrease in the average daily steps observed in both groups. These data suggest this intervention is feasible and additional boosters should be considered during the maintenance period to encourage physical activity.
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