Masses of the sternoclavicular area are rare, and are not well described in the literature. We aim to present a series of patients with masses in this location and to review all reported English language cases of sternoclavicular masses in pediatric patients.
This is a case series of pediatric patients with masses of the sternoclavicular area presenting to a tertiary care pediatric hospital from 2010 through 2017. Data was collected by using ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes to query the electronic medical record. Chart review included age at presentation, mass characteristics, medical and surgical interventions, and pathology results. A review of the literature was then performed.
Ten patients with masses overlying the sternoclavicular area were identified. Four patients presented with abscess and were treated with incision and drainage. Three of these patients were then treated with staged excision once infection cleared. Two additional patients were treated with primary excision. Four patients were treated with observation. The most common histopathologic finding was epidermoid. One patient was found to have a dermoid cyst, and 1 had a congenital cartilaginous rest.
Epidermoids and dermoids are the most common masses overlying the sternoclavicular area. Controversy remains regarding the embryologic origin of sternoclavicular masses. The differential for masses in this area also includes branchial remnants, bronchogenic cysts, ganglion cysts, or septic arthritis.

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