Histone deacetylase 8 (HDAC8) has emerged as a promising drug target for cancer therapeutics development. HDAC8 has been reported to regulate cancer cell proliferation, invasion and promote metastasis through modulation of cell cycle associated proteins. Of late, phytocompounds have been demonstrated to exhibit anticancer and anti-HDAC8 activity. Here, we have shown the HDAC8 inhibitory potential of an active phytocompound from HC9 (herbal composition-9), a polyherbal anticancer formulation based on the traditional Ayurvedic drug, Stanya Shodhan Kashaya. HC9 was recently reported to exhibit anticancer activity against breast cancer cells through induction of cell cycle arrest, decrease in migration and invasion as well as regulation of inflammation and chromatin modulators. In silico studies such as molecular docking, molecular dynamics (MD) simulation and binding free energy analyses showed greater binding energy values and interaction stability of MA with HDAC8 compared to other phytocompounds of HC9. Interestingly, in vitro validation confirmed the anti-HDAC8 activity of MA. Further, in vitro studies showed that MA significantly decreased the viability of breast and prostate cancer cell lines, thereby confirming its anticancer potential.
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