Objective To evaluate the current landscape regarding medical liability in obstetric-gynecology (OB/GYN) physicians in Greece. Materials and methods Published court decisions of criminal, civil, administrative, and disciplinary content were searched in legal information banks for the years 1988-2021. The causes that led to the adverse outcome and the decisions were analyzed. Results A total of 184 decisions were directed against OB/GYNs. One hundred seventeen records concerned criminal cases and 67 civil cases. Thirty-four decisions concerned criminal cases of negligent homicide, 35 criminal cases of bodily harm, and 19 were acquittals. The most common causes of bodily injuries were neonatal encephalopathy, obstetric paralysis – quadriplegia and brachial plexus paralysis, and obstetric bleeding. Conclusion According to our results, there is a great need and challenge to maintain high standards in daily practice with continuous training and the use of international protocols. Furthermore, for each case, continuous monitoring of parturients and newborns and coordinated cooperation are necessary to reduce mortality and morbidity.
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