To study the compliance of neurologists and headache specialists to chronic headache and chronic migraine (CM) diagnosis and treatment guidelines.
The survey included 634 neurologists from all regions of the Russian Federation. Mean age of respondents was 40.7±8.5 years, mean years of experience 14.2±7.8 years.
Most doctors work in outpatient or hospital settings (49% and 24%, respectively), 7% were headache specialists. Tension-type headache (TTH) was diagnosed in 30% and CM in 17% of patients while 44% of patients were presumed to have a mixed headache disorder (TTH+CM). Only 10% of physicians do not use instrumental diagnostic methods in chronic headache. This study has shown sufficient attention to comorbid conditions and frequent prescription of headache preventative treatment. Botox prescription data is equivocal: 35% of physicians recommend such treatment, 27% do not, while other doctors prescribe it for off-label indications.
To overcome clinical inertia, further education in chronic headaches and their optimal treatment is warranted.