The aim of study was to investigate the expression of microRNA-27b in different prostate tissues and its anti-tumor effects in prostate cancer.
Measuring the expression of microRNA-27b, evaluating the PI3K protein expression in 28 benign prostatic hyperplasia and 63 prostate cancer tissues, analyzing the correlation between miRNA-27b and PI3K, and miRNA-27b’s correlation with Gleason Grading and clinical stages were analyzed. We divided the prostate cancer patients into two groups: low group and high group, comparing the overall survival and progression free survival. In the cell experiment, the PC3 was divided into three groups: NC group, BL group and miRNA group. The cells of difference groups were measuring the cell proliferation, apoptosis and cycle and evaluating PI3K, AKT and P21 protein expressions of difference groups.
The microRNA-27b expression of prostate cancer significantly increased Compared with benign prostatic hyperplasia (). The PI3K protein expression of prostate cancer tissues were significantly enhanced compared with benign prostatic hyperplasia. The PI3K protein expression was positive correlation with miRNA-27b in cancer tissues. Furthermore, the microRNA-27b expression was significantly correlated with the Gleason Grading and clinical stages in prostate cancer (). The patients with higher miR-27b expression level had both poorer overall survival and progression free survival. In cell experiment, the cell proliferation of miRNA group was significantly lower than NC group (); the cell apoptosis and G1 phase of miRNA group were significantly difference compared with NC group (); Compared with NC group, PI3K, AKT and P21 protein expressions were significantly down-regulation in miRNA group ().
miR-27b was up-regulated in prostate cancer tissue compared with benign prostatic hyperplasia tissues, and its expression level was correlated with a variety of important clinical pathological parameters. In the treatment of prostate cancer, miR-27b inhibition had effects to suppress prostate cancer proliferation by regulation PI3K/AKT/P21 signaling pathway. Moreover; miR-27b may serve as a promising biomarker for predicting the prognosis of prostate cancer.

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