Hepatitis B is a global infectious disease, seriously endangering human health. Currently, there are mainly interferons and nucleoside analogues treatment of hepatitis B in the clinic, which have certain therapeutic effects on hepatitis B, but their side effects and drug resistance are increasingly prominent. Therefore, it is urgently needed to discover and develop new anti-HBV drugs, especially natural products, which have novel, high efficiency, and low toxicity anti-HBV compounds with novel antiviral mechanisms. In this manuscript, the natural products (polysaccharides and 165 compounds) with the activity of antihepatitis B virus are discussed according to their chemical classes, including 14 phenylpropanoids, 8 flavonoids,12 xanthones, 13 anthroquinones, 47 terpenoids, 6 alkaloids, 15 enediynes, 11 aromatics, 18 phenylalanine dipeptides compounds, and 13 others. In addition, the anti-HBV mechanism and targets of natural product were also discussed. The aim of this review is to report new discoveries about anti-HBV natural products and to provide reference for researchers.
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