Human papillomavirus infection is the main pathogenic factor leading to cervical cancer. About 630 000 new cancers are caused by HPV infection every year, among which cervical cancer accounts for the highest proportion (83%). The burden of cervical cancer is serious in China. Research data shows that there were nearly 110 000 new cases and nearly 50 000 deaths of cervical cancer in China in 2018, accounting for about 20 percent and 16 percent of the global total of cases and deaths, respectively. The World Health Organization’s position paper clearly states that HPV vaccination can effectively prevent the occurrence of HPV-related diseases. Across clinical studies and real world data from around the world, HPV vaccines have shown good efficacy and safety. As of October 2019, 98 countries and regions around the world have included HPV vaccine in their national immunization program. However, with the increase of vaccination coverage and indications, the safety of HPV vaccine has become a global public health issue of high concern. Since the launch of HPV vaccine in 2006, many authorities around the world and countries have conducted long-term monitoring of the safety of HPV vaccine after its launch, and accumulated a large number of safety data, which showed that the HPV vaccine was safe and supported the use of HPV vaccine. In this paper, the safety data related to HPV vaccine in the world and mainland China will be combed to provide reference for the HPV vaccination in China.