This study explores OB/GYN providers’ knowledge about published health and healthcare disparities in women’s reproductive health.
We collected demographic and health disparities knowledge information from OB/GYN providers who were members of ACOG District IV using an online survey (n = 483). We examined differences across groups using statistical tests and regression analyses in a structural equation modeling approach.
Receiving disparities education was positively associated with higher self-reported disparities knowledge and disparities quiz performance (p < 0.05). African American/Black providers had higher quiz scores than their white counterparts, and providers varied in their levels of disparities knowledge across practice settings (p < 0.05).
Differences in levels of knowledge of racial/ethnic disparities in health and healthcare outcomes among OB/GYN providers varied across race/ethnicity, practice context, and whether providers had received formal disparities education. Future research should explore these differences at a population level and develop interventions to improve health disparities education among OB/GYN providers.

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