While the availability, utility, and complexity of genetic testing expands, limited information exists regarding obstetrician-gynecologist (OB/GYN) residents’ knowledge of genetics and confidence in providing genetic services. This study examined OB/GYN residents’ educational and clinical experiences with genetics during residency, personal attitudes regarding the value of genetics and its role in their practice, level of comfort with genetic counseling, and potential motivators for learning about genetics.
Eligible participants included residents currently enrolled in a CREOG-associated OB/GYN training program in the USA or Canada. A link to an anonymous 49-question RedCap survey was emailed to program coordinators in October 2017 to be forwarded to all OB/GYN residents.
Eighty-two OB/GYN residents representing all postgraduate years of training completed the survey. Residents indicated learning about genetics through discussions with attending physicians, lectures/courses, and publications. While residents felt their attendings valued (81%) and were knowledgeable about (85%) genetics, 28% felt their attendings did not reinforce concepts that were learned in coursework. Residents valued staying informed about the field of genetics and felt providing genetic services was within their scope of practice; however, there were deficiencies in self-reported comfort level, particularly regarding hereditary cancer counseling. Residents cited accessibility of information as a top motivator to stay informed.
Clinically relevant, accessible didactic information about genetics reinforced in the clinical setting may increase residents’ level of comfort with providing genetic services.

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