Zirconia-based dental materials are extensively used in clinical practice due to their tooth-like appearance, biofunctionality, biocompatibility, and affordability. However, premature clinical failures of veneering porcelains raise a concern about their integrity. Extensive studies have been performed over a decade to resolve this issue, but it is challenging to reference all information effectively. A single source identifying the significance of potential parameters on material performance has not previously been available. An evidence-based meta-narrative review technique was used to review the characteristic parameters that can affect the overall behaviour of zirconia-based materials. Keywords were chosen to assess manuscripts based on scientific coherence with this paper’s research objective. Online keyword searches were carried out on ScienceDirect, PubMed, and SAGE databases for relevant published manuscripts from year 1985-2020.261 out of 3170 identified manuscripts were included. A total of 10 parameters were identified and classified into the material, manufacturing, and geometric aspects. The effect of every parameter was reviewed on the performance of the material. A discrepancy in findings was observed and is attributed to the fact that there is no standard methodology. This review acts as a single source that summarizes various parameters’ contribution to zirconia-based dental materials’ performance. This review facilitates manufacturing improvements by accounting for every parameter’s effect on overall performance.
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