Brain cancer is one of the eight most common cancers occurring in people aged 40+ and is the fifth-leading cause of cancer-related deaths for males aged 40-59. Accurate subtype identification is crucial for precise therapeutic treatment, which largely depends on understanding the biological pathways and regulatory mechanisms associated with different brain cancer subtypes. Unfortunately, the subtype-implicated genes that have been identified are scattered in thousands of published studies. So, systematic literature curation and cross-validation could provide a solid base for comparative genetic studies about major subtypes.
Here, we constructed a literature-based brain cancer gene database (BCGene). In the current release, we have a collection of 1421 unique human genes gathered through an extensive manual examination of over 6000 PubMed abstracts. We comprehensively annotated those curated genes to facilitate biological pathway identification, cancer genomic comparison, and differential expression analysis in various anatomical brain regions. By curating cancer subtypes from the literature, our database provides a basis for exploring the common and unique genetic mechanisms among 40 brain cancer subtypes. By further prioritizing the relative importance of those curated genes in the development of brain cancer, we identified 33 top-ranked genes with evidence mentioned only once in the literature, which were significantly associated with survival rates in a combined dataset of 2997 brain cancer cases.
BCGene provides a useful tool for exploring the genetic mechanisms of and gene priorities in brain cancer. BCGene is freely available to academic users at .