Pediatric talus fractures are rare injuries that generally result from high-energy trauma. The relative elasticity of pediatric bone is thought to contribute to the lower rate of fracture in children. Although these injuries are rare, complications of talar body fractures, including avascular necrosis, collapse of the talar dome, and tibiotalar arthrosis, are well described. In the pediatric patient, these complications can result in poor outcomes and a disabling position for the patient. There is a relative paucity of data given the low incidence of these injuries and lack of consensus on operative versus nonoperative management. The authors present the case of an 11-year-old female with a combined talar neck and body fracture. The patient underwent open reduction internal fixation of her fractures with combined cannulated screw and Kirshner wire fixation. She was followed to 7 years postoperatively with excellent functional outcome and no evidence of avascular necrosis or collapse of the talar body.
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