To assess the prevalence of ophthalmic findings in patients with Darier disease, an autosomal dominant genetic skin disorder, in an effort to evaluate the need for eye examinations in the management of the disease.
prospective observational case series Methods: Thirty-six individuals with Darier disease were evaluated by both ocular assessment questionnaire and a comprehensive ophthalmic examination (visual acuity, refraction, external examination, and slit lamp examination) with emphasis on the eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea. In addition, questionnaire-based medical interview and skin examination were conducted.
According to medical questionnaire; 39% of patients reported eye problems, 36% dry eye, and 42% eye fatigue after prolonged reading. Ocular examination revealed Darier disease lesions on the eyelids in 55% of the patients, blepharitis in 44%, conjunctival hyperemia in 28%, and short tear film break-up time in 83%. There was no significant relationship between any of these ophthalmic findings and systemic retinoids therapy, gender or age.
The high prevalence of blepharitis and dry eye highlights the importance of ophthalmological evaluation of patients with Darier disease.

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