Acute myocardial infarction complicated by cardiogenic shock (AMICS) is a critical syndrome with a high risk of morbidity and mortality. Current management consists of coronary revascularisation, vasoactive drugs, and circulatory and ventilatory support, which are tailored to patients mainly on the basis of clinicians’ experience rather than evidence-based recommendations. For many therapeutic interventions in AMICS, randomised clinical trials have not shown a meaningful survival benefit, and a disproportionately high rate of neutral and negative results has been reported. In this context, an accurate definition of the AMICS syndrome for appropriate patient selection and optimisation of study design are warranted to achieve meaningful results and pave the way for new, evidence-based therapeutic options. In this Position Paper, we provide a statement of priorities and recommendations agreed by a multidisciplinary group of experts at the Critical Care Clinical Trialists Workshop in February, 2020, for the optimisation and harmonisation of clinical trials in AMICS. Implementation of proposed criteria to define the AMICS population-moving beyond a cardio-centric definition to that of a systemic disease-and steps to improve the design of clinical trials could lead to improved outcomes for patients with this life-threatening syndrome.
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